Adoption and Abortion. Getting personal.

This morning I was seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about Adoption and Abortion. This is a subject I am passionate about since I was adopted and very well could have been aborted.

The question I continue to hear is, “Why is Adoption so important“?

Here are my thoughts.

I was born in 1986 and placed in foster care in 1988. My birth mother could have very well aborted me and made things a little easier on herself and not had a baby to worry about.

However, she chose to give birth to me and then placed me in foster care to give me my best chance at life.

Adoption has so many AMAZING results.

1. So many women in the US are not physically able to have babies and WANT children so badly.

My mom was not able to have children and adopted 6 of us! If people like my birth mom hadn’t given us up for adoption my mom wouldn’t have children.

2. Adopting a child that is “unwanted” helps that child in the future.

I was unwanted and was adopted by a mom and dad that WANTED me. Knowing that they wanted me made me feel so much more secure and more loved than I thought possible.

I used to focus on how my birth mother didnt want me and I felt rejected and unlovable. Now that I understand more about the situation, I see now that God had a bigger plan and I was able to experience love because of my parents.

3. You are saving a life.

Many kids that are in foster care are coming from abused, neglectful families.  Imagine the impact you could have by adopting even just ONE of these children! Taking them from abuse to a home filled with LOVE!

4. Abortion has a negative impact on the mother.

Someone very close to me recently had an abortion and she was feeling pretty horrible after. She feels guilty and ashamed- feelings she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

5. Who did you abort?

I saw a cartoon on facebook today that I am sharing here:


We keep calling out for God to send “revivalists” and “leaders”…but maybe God IS and they keep getting aborted. Maybe God has entrusted you with the next Billy Graham, or Martin Luther King, or Katie Torwalt or Toby Mac. You never know the destiny of the child you are carrying. Give that child a chance on life.

Abortion is selfish. I’m just calling it what it is. You are being entrusted with the life  of a child and if you dont think you are ready or mature enough to handle it then give that child a future and giving that child to a family that WANTS a child!!!

Why do i think abortion is selfish? I am sure some of you are probably calling me judgemental and rude. But, abortion is a very “me” oriented decision. “I cant take care of it”, “I dont have time for a baby”, “I have a job and my life cant accomodate a child right now”, “I hate the father so why would I want this child to have to have him as a father?”…Again, GIVE THAT BEAUTIFUL CHILD TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS HIM/HER!

Adoption is an amazing gift. Many men and women wants to adopt and you could be the person who gives them the child they always wanted.

I know some of you are thinking, “Well, its totally rational for a woman who was raped to have an abortion”.

I dont agree with that.

God allowed that child to be conceived. God has a plan and a destiny.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who
have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

God can make ANYTHING work out to be a good thing. Even the worst situation He can work out for GOOD!

Even the most horrible things, like rape, can be turned around to where God can be glorified.

I know a woman who is a child from a woman who was raped. She is an incredible testimony of the grace of God and to this day serves the Lord.


I was in foster care for 5 years before I was adopted. I was adopted into a loving, Christian family that WANTED me.

If my birth mother had not put my brother Josh and I up for adoption we would not be living for Jesus probably and our lives would be a bit of a mess.

The LOVE and GRACE and MERCY of God has been on my life and I know I have a purpose and a destiny.

My birth mother, Linda, gave me my best chance at life when she put me up for adoption.


2 thoughts on “Adoption and Abortion. Getting personal.

  1. Thank you for your open, honest sharing. As a foster parent, it is a great reminder of the importance of opening our home to be a safe place that children can grow and prosper in.


  2. Great article! Its sad knowing how many defenceless babies are being put to death. I saw a statistic post a few days back showing how many babies with club feet or other minor disabilities are being aborted, it saddened me.

    I myself was born with dwarfism, club feet… But I had surgery to fix my feet now I live a happy and healthy life. Shame these babies didn’t even get a chance!

    I am with you on the fact that rape doesn’t justify the right to abort the baby. We shouldn’t punish the innocent for the sins of another.


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