Finding your Confidence in Him and because of Him

What is your “calling”…What desire or dream has God placed in your heart for His Kingdom?

Are you called to Pastor?
Do you have a vision to see the Nations changed?
Does your heart wrench when you see women being trafficked?
Do you see yourself on a stage in front of hundreds of thousands leading worship?
Do you have a heart to see Youth and Young Adults equipped as leaders?

Does your hearts desire seem impossible or too big or “prideful”?

Last night I went to a conference called “UpRoar” and the speaker was talking about this subject. He said so often we have God given hopes, dreams and aspirations (callings) but were afraid to tell people for FEAR of being called “prideful” or “arrogant” or being shot down.
The reality is that God has GIVEN us these dreams…these callings. We get caught up in what man will think or say when all that even matters is what JESUS thinks and says.
So what if man calls us prideful? So what if man says its impossible? If God said we can, then we can and thats what matters. Thats ALL that matters.

Theres a quote (I believe its Bill Johnson) that says, “If you live by the praises of man, you will die by their criticisms.”


The speaker last night shared how its through God we have this call on our lives, all we have to do is know our identity. Who our “name” in Christ is. My name will be different from yours and you might not understand mine and I might not get yours. When we become His kids we get a new name holding HIS identity as ours.

Who am I in Christ?

This has taken me years to finally understand. I am a Worshipper. It’s literally in my DNA to worship, everything within me cries out for Him when I lead Worship or when I am on the floor being led into His Presence.
I have spent years not telling people what I truly feel called to because in the past when I have shared it with people I thought would “get” it…I was told I was promoting myself, or that I have pride issues…now I realize that I just had knowledge of my identity in who God has called me to be. I now see that the call of my life is important in the Kingdom and what God has placed inside of me for Worship is very different than what we see Worship as right now…it doesn’t mean I think I am better than people, it means that I just want God to use me for His Kingdom and use this gift and heart for Worship that He has placed inside of me.

I have spent years hiding in the shadows of other peoples worship giftings thinking that if I stayed hidden long enough, eventually God would use me. I thought that if I could just sit back and not rock the boat with this longing inside of me to prophecy and sing the heart of God then no one would think I was arrogant, or promoting myself or making it about me and “my gift”.

After listening to the speaker last night I realize that my dream is not impossible…it isn’t an arrogant thing to just know what you’re called to do. It isn’t a prideful thing to be confident in the gift God has given you. Yes, pride can seep in and become a real thing, BUT if your identity is FIRMLY SET in Christ then you will have no problem giving ALL the honor and ALL the glory to the One who deserves it.
If we learn to live in a heart condition of humility God will be thrilled to use us.

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before The Lord and HE will exalt you.”

It is NOT prideful to know who You are in Christ.
It is NOT prideful to be confident in your Identity as a Child of God.
It is NOT prideful to be confident of the call God has placed on your life.
It is NOT prideful to hold onto the prophecies you were given saying you will be famous one day.
It is NOT prideful to walk in confidence of the gifts God has entrusted to you.

Whether you want to Pastor a Church, lead worship in front of thousands, go to Nashville and be the next Audio Adrenaline or Natalie Grant, or if you have a desire to travel the world preaching the Gospel, or you see yourself ministering to the wounded and broken lives of addicts and prisoners…It doesnt matter as long as you can be humble, give all the honor to God and glorify Him through it….

You are NOT prideful for being sure of who you are in Christ.
I don’t care who has mocked you for saying that you want to be the next Kim Walker or Billy Graham or Bill Johnson.
IT DOESNT MATTER. What MAN says carries no weight with what God says.

After the message last night I am choosing to walk in confidence in who Christ says I am.
I AM a Worshipper. I AM called to lead worship. I AM called to do big things…not because of anything I can do, but who Christ is IN me.

Ephesians 4:1-7 “I therefore, a prisoner of The Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of your calling to which you have been called, with all HUMILITY and GENTLENESS, with PATIENCE, bearing with one another in LOVE, eager to maintain the UNITY of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is ONE body and one Spirit-just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call-one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of ALL, who is over all and through all and in all. But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. “

We ALL have a high calling of God. Just because God didn’t call you to preach in a stadium full of people doesnt mean your gifting is less important. Just because you aren’t called to sell a platinum record and “all you do” is clean the church doesn’t make your call less important.
I am so tired of hearing people complain about their gifts. Not everyone can be a leader. Not everyone can be the Pastor or Worship Leader or Actor in front of thousands. Leaders NEED supporters…people who are called to be lay ministers. I am so tired of people wishing they had certain gifts and even trying to operate in them…why can’t we just be excited with the gifts God has entrusted us with and do our best to cultivate and operate in those gifts?
Worship Leaders need backup musicians and singers…doesn’t make you any less important than the main leader.
Pastors need an elder board, doesn’t make the elders any less than the Pastor.
Churches need THE WHOLE BODY to operate in their gifts.
If you’re gift is hospitality but you’re focused on being something other than that than who can the Pastor call when there is guest ministry needing a place to stay? If you’re too busy trying to be something you’re not called to you can miss out on opportunities to serve in the areas you ARE called to. It doesn’t matter how “small” and “insignificant” you may think it is…it is ALL important. You don’t have to be a person with a call to be on a stage to feel important and needed.
Not everyone can be a prophet or a pastor…if everyone was those things than who would lead childrens ministry? Who would work in the nursery? Who would lead worship? Who would lead dance teams? Who would exhort and encourage?
The entire body is needed.
We all need to function is our gifts and BE CONFIDENT in what God has called us to. If you’re gift is singing then be excited when the Worship Leader asks you to sing backup or join the choir…don’t get offended that he didn’t ask you to be a “lead singer”…just operate in your gift and be confident and humble and eventually God may promote you to being the Worship Leader…in HIS time.

The point of all this is to BE CONFIDENT in who GOD has called you to be-His Child.
Be confident in the call He has placed on your life-no matter if it seems to big to actually happen or too small to be important. God loves to use us, He doesnt see in the spectrum that man does. He doesn’t see one gift being more relevant than another.
Its all important. Its all needed. You are needed.

Don’t let the enemy tell you your call isnt important or that youre gifting is small.

Be confident in who HE has made you to be.


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