My Dad. Who he is to me.

It’s 3am and what am I awake thinking about?

My dad.

Who is my dad?

My dads name is Jere White, hes a retired Chemistry teacher, an amazing fisherman, hunter, father of 6 adopted children, wife to Julie, and the king of everything outdoors.

But, who is my dad?

1) My dad is an amazing example of a Godly Husband.

My dad loves my mom fiercely. Ever since I was little I remember my dad hugging and kissing my mom after he got home from work, I remember him buying her amazing birthday and Christmas presents from the stores my mom loved whether it was L.L. Bean or J.Jill. My dad and mom have been through so much together over the years but I have seen my dad love my mom through hard times, stick with her, and work through problems and life issues while thinking of her good over his own. I’ve seen my dad make my moms favorite foods on her birthdays, on their anniversary, or just whenever he feels like it. I’ve watched my dad cherish, adore, love, support, respect, honor and defend my mom. I’ve watched my dad bring her flowers, I’ve watched him be excited with her when she is excited…I watched him grieve with her when my grandfather died. I’ve seen my dad wash dishes, vacuum, dust, mop, mow lawns, burn trash…help my mom in every way he can. My dad is who I look to when i think of what a Godly husband looks like.

2. My dad knows his Word

Over the years I have watched my dad pursue the knowledge of God with a passion. He has a crazy amount of books by authors I’ve never even heard of, he has teaching tapes from Pastors and Teachers I have no clue about.  When I was a little girl our family always went to Arkansas every summer in June for revival camp meetings., or Florida to spend Christmas with my grandparents, or road tripping as a family to Wyoming. I remember being so agitated at 9 years old because my dad would be blaring Winkie Pratney through our Suburban speakers while I was trying to read my Babysitters Club books. My dad listened to teachings all the time-in the car, in the house…Growing up I had many conversations with my dad on Biblical stuff and love when he sits and talks with me about God, Creation, or how he uses his knowledge of Science to talk about God or the Universe. Its awesome. My dad has had the same Bible as long as I can remember and I used to love looking at it and seeing the notes he wrote in the margins or the Scriptures he outlined. My dad has spent years and years gaining wisdom and knowledge in who God is. He is my example of what a Man of the Word looks like.

3. My dad can admit when he is wrong

Over the years I have seen my dad apologize and ask for forgiveness when he is wrong. I love that about him. He is my example of what a good man looks like. A man who can humble himself and ask for forgiveness when he is wrong. I love that.

4. My dad is responsible and supportive

Our family has never lacked for food, clothes, a beautiful home, a car, etc. My dad has been an excellent provider my whole life…taking great care of our family, sending us kids to a Christian school, helping us out financially when he can, supporting me through decisions even when he didn’t agree with them. My dad has been an example of good responsibility as a father and husband. I wish I had taken on this lesson at a younger age and followed his example and I probably wouldn’t have to deal with debt and finance issues at 27.

5. My dad is such a good father

My dad over the years has proved himself over and over again as someone who genuinely loves me. My dad and I used to go out on father/daughter dates every year. One of my favorite dates ever was a year in high school my dad got tickets to see my favorite band in concert, in Lancaster. We had plans to drive to Lancaster and meet  up with my cousin Gabby and her dad and go together. Well, the morning of the concert we got what seemed like a blizzard. Loads of snow, the roads were barely plowed and my dad and I weren;t gonna go. But, my dad knew I really wanted to go so he got in our white Suburban and we packed an overnight bag for just in case and we headed out for a 3 hour drive on unsafe roads, all because my dad loved me. We almost wrecked once and had numerous times of slipping on ice and i was tense most of the ride, but I knew I could trust my dad and trust he would get us there safely. What should have only been a 3 hour drive was more like 5 in the horrible weather…BUT my dad got me to that concert. Love, thats what that was. I never felt so important to my dad as I did that day when my dad braved icy roads, ones we shouldnt have been driving on, just to take me to a concert. My dad has always put us kids first even over his own plans and desires. My dad is 59 (or is it 60?) and he and my mom adopted Timmy and Katy who are 7 and 9 about four years ago. They put their own plans and dreams on hold to raise 2 kids who wouldn’t have had the chance in life they have now because of my parents. My dad is amazing. He really is a Superhero.

Thank you dad, if you read this. You are my example. You are someone I respect so much even if I dont say it or show it. I love you with all my heart and I hope I can be even half the responsible, loving, caring, supportive, Godly person you are. Thank you for loving me through bad decisions, good times, hard times, etc. Thank you for supporting our family and being a model of what a Godly man and husband looks like. I’m always telling Alec, “Well, my dad does dishes” or “My dad cherishes my mom. I’m serious, he just loves her so much”. You are such a great role model for me and even though I don’t say it near enough, I love you dad.

You may not know this but I’ve had the song we will dance to at my wedding picked out since I was in high school. 🙂


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