You are Worthy of a “Forever” kind of Love


Love and Relationships can be messy. They can be awesome.

Date the right guy and you will probably find an amazing husband…date the wrong guy and you will be miserable-especially if you marry him.

I know of so many girls who marry these “wrong guys” simply because they think they can’t do better, have no self esteem or self respect, or they just want to be married so badly they’ll marry whomever shows them the most attention.

I have only ever dated one guy in my life and he was a great, Christian Jesus lovin guy but the timing wasn’t right and Jesus wasn’t our focus and it didn’t work out. That’s how I know Great,  Godly men exist.

Girls,  Nice, solid Christian MEN exist. Waiting is key. The entire point of dating is to find a husband not have someone to hold hands with, hang out with and make out with til you get bored and move on to the next guy who seems interested.

Dear girls, you are worthy of a man who adores you, who takes the time to know what makes you happy, who invests in you Spiritually, who respects you sexually, who speaks highly of you, who prays with/for you, who honors you, who speaks to you not at you, who encourages you, who makes time for you, who will watch girl movies with you once in a while, who loves you in action not just word, who leads you closer to Jesus.

You do NOT need a guy who is rude to you, who hurts you, who doesn’t care how you feel, who pressures you to have sex or makes you feel like a booty call. You do NOT deserve to be treated meanly, to be yelled at, to be hit or abused. You do NOT deserve to be a mans “b***h”. You do NOT deserve to constantly feel like you have to earn your boyfriends attention or time. You do NOT deserve a guy who wants you when it’s convenient for him but treats you like crap the rest of the time. You do NOT deserve a man who lies or cheats.

Don’t waste your time on a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself, who doesn’t enjoy doing things with and for you. Don’t waste your time on a guy who keeps you around because you take care of him.  Don’t waste time on a guy who has an addiction to drugs, or alcohol or porn-addictions always come before God and before you. Find a guy whose mentally healthy.

Find a guy who will enjoy being with you. Wait for a guy who will honor your purity and not put you or himself in temptations way.

You are beautiful, worthy of love and worthy of respect.

A man who truly loves and values you and puts God first is a REAL MAN not a boy in a mans body.

Choose to love yourself and wait for God to give you a real, Godly man who is worthy of your heart ❤

Have standards. Stop falling for every guy who shows you attention. Don’t let men use you for sex or companionship.

Sex and Love should be taken seriously-our hearts are wrapped up with both. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.

God is teaching me this right now and I hope it encourages you ❤


One thought on “You are Worthy of a “Forever” kind of Love

  1. Interesting. I wrote something similar (I think) about the “pressures of purity.” Can’t remember when it published but someone just sent me a pingback approval for it. Purity matters – especially to God.


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