Are Christians Becoming Obsessed with Controversy?

Have Christians become obsessed with Controversy? That is my question as I read through Christian blogs, posts on Christianity, etc. I am part of a Network of Christian bloggers on Facebook where Christians can post their new blog posts and people post regularly. I have posted blogs a couple of times with no traffic coming from the site. Blogs about Jesus, Worship, Prayer, Church, etc are rarely “liked” or commented on however blogs about homosexuality or abortion tend to be the most commented on. Today on “Christian Bloggers Network” on Facebook a fellow blogger posted this:

AThis post really got me thinking. About a month or so ago I posted an article on my Facebook about “Christians and the Gay Community” and got loads and loads of comments and likes. Everyone had an opinion, everyone wanted to be heard, everyone wanted to “defend” their faith. A few days ago I posted an article about whats going on in Iraq right now, all the persecution of Christians and the intense pressure these Christians these people are under. This article got practically no response.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be informed of political and social issues attacking our Faith, BUT, we shouldn’t be consumed with it.

Why is it that a blog on homosexuality gets more comments, likes and shares than a blog on Prayer, or the Power of Worship, or the Life of Jesus?

What do you think? Post your thoughts and responses in the “Comments” section.

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3 thoughts on “Are Christians Becoming Obsessed with Controversy?

  1. So true. Martha was worried and upset about many things, but Mary wanted to listen to Jesus. Christians get all stressed about so many things instead of reading the gospels and trying to be like Jesus.


  2. You raise an important question. I just don’t focus on sexuality issues because it seems the blogosphere is saturated with this and I’m not sure I can really add anything constructive, or have a civil conversation. I agree that there are some vital issues that we are totally asleep about, whether it is matters of foreign policy, or injustices within our own country around race and economic status or going deeper in our spiritual lives. Perhaps our love for certain controversies is just a way of keeping our heads in the sand to avoid thinking about the things that really matter.


  3. I agree. I share my blog on that group and rarely get a response or likes from that group unlike other groups. But I think people like the controversy ones because the out there opinion in it instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them in defending the faith or the a Biblical truth. Most of the contrivorsary sometimes are from those that are lost (not saved) or lack biblical knowledge. We need to pray that foundation of faith gets back. I also think others do those type of pist to gain page views and/or comment counts. Thanks for sharing.


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