It is so easy to judge another persons journey. Everyone’s journey to God, life, figuring themselves out, etc looks different, happens at different ages and WILL look different for each individual. Your job is not to look at another person and talk about them to people, voice your personal opinion about their choices to anyone, or withdraw from them because you don’t agree or just don’t want to deal.
Your job is to love love love love love love…in word, in truth, in action. Let people know you care, that you have their back and you are there for them.
This world has enough fake people running around it throwing people under the bus, talking crap and sowing discord and judgement.
Choose to love and love well…even if it is hard, even when you don’t agree. Its not your job to understand or agree but to simply BE LOVE.
No more voice of accusers, condemners or people who just want to talk.
Your life and journey are important…shut out the chaos, stick close to those who truly love you all the time, not just when it is convenient for them.

I have been on quite the journey the last few years, figuring out my own walk with Jesus, making mistakes, learning new things…I have learned a very important lesson: Do not let someone else dictate to you what your journey has to look like.

Every single one of us has a road to walk… sometimes we fall and get stuck, sometimes we take a few wrong turns, sometimes people will get sick of waiting for us and keep on without us, sometimes we just get tired, people will pass us, we will pass others…but, your journey is YOURS…not your friends, not your churches, not your families…it is between you and Jesus…People will not understand because they’re not you, they’re not going through what you are going through. They cannot possibly understand because it is not their journey.

Stay the course. Do not give up even when it feels overwhelming or like you will never reach the end…You are worth it. Your life is worth it. Your journey to Jesus is so worth it.

Never give up.

People may give up on you, you may give up on yourself…but, God….Just, but, God…He will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give up on you. Your story is not done, you are valuable and your story and journey are worth it. God can and will use anything we have for His Glory ❤


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