Week 1

Well, I am now in Harrisburg…and I am loving it!

This transition has been so smooth and I have been floored by the goodness and provision of the Father…

As many of you know I have moved to Harrisburg and joined “Face to Face” Church as the Worship Leader and am partnering with Mark and Amy Calkins in planting/growing this Church. I have felt so welcome and so honored since being here…God has already exceeded my expectations and I am so excited to be part of this ministry and what God wants to do in this city.

I have received a lot of Facebook/Text messages this week and I apologize I haven’t responded to each one individually…This blog is for the purpose of answering the questions friends/family have asked and do it all in one shot.

I am doing well…I am living with Mark and Amy and their 4 kids and they have made me feel so at home here. I have had the opportunity to have great conversations with Amy about books which makes me happy and also talk with them about the Church, the vision and their hearts for ministry…I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with people here…I have a job lined up and will hopefully start in the next week or so! I have discovered that Harrisburg drivers are super aggressive and don’t take kindly to people who drive exactly the speed limit and make it obvious they have no clue where they are going…yes, that would be me. I am the girl with a GPS, driving in the middle lane all the time and waving anytime I have to cut someone off. However, I am sort of learning my way around…kind of.

I will continue to update as things evolve and life moves forward…I have such an expectancy for what God wants to do in my life and use me for in Worship and even other areas I am not as confident in. I know God wants to develop some areas in me and I am stoked to have guidance from people I trust and respect.

So, that’s really it for now! Feel free to subscribe!

Also, check out: http://www.gofundme.com/SierraWhite


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