Loved with an Endless Love

There’s no place I can go that Your love won’t find me
No place I can hide that you don’t see
No place I could fall that Your love wouldn’t catch me
When I misunderstand Your love understands me
You see it all, You see it all
Through the eyes of Love
You’re in everything, You’re all around me
-You Don’t Miss A Thing (Amanda Cook-Bethel Music)

I have been listening to this song for days now. On repeat. Over and over and over.

This blog will be short and sweet. I truly hope it speaks to someone and encourages and gives hope.

Your life has value. You are important. You are so important that the Creator of the world, the King of the Universe LOVES YOU. Like legit loves you. Not like when people say, “I love ice cream” or “I love this book”…but with a love that surpasses human comprehension. A love that burns in His heart and has seared your name in His heart. Jeremiah 31:3 says,  “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” It is amazing to me how deeply God KNOWS us. He knows every single thing in my heart and mind. He knows every shortcoming, failure and sucky decision yet He chooses to love me. His love for us is not dependent on how we act or how many times we attend church or how many good things we do. His love is completely FREE, no strings attached. God loves to know us…I love the line of this song that says, “in a crowd of ten thousand you don’t miss a thing”. The same God that mourns over the wars in the world, the same God that watches over the entire universe and creates every sunrise and sunset, the same God that creates life…THIS SAME GOD watches you, He knows you better than you do. You are important to Him. When you are in a crowd He still sees you, He notices YOU. I love that! I love that with all the “stuff” going on in the world God notices me and even more than that He draws close to me, He loves when I talk with Him, when I sing to Him. GOD ENJOYS YOU!

God doesn’t miss a thing! Not one thing goes unnoticed. Every single thing in your life is so important to Him-your joys, your fears, your victories, your sadness, your heartache, your addictions, your happiness, your decisions…He loves and enjoys you through it all. He notices, He sees it all. EVERY.SINGLE.THING. He cares! The Maker of Heaven and Earth CARES about YOU and YOUR LIFE.


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