Life Update

Hey Everyone! I have been getting e-mails, texts and Facebook messages from people back home wondering how I am doing, what I am doing, etc…so, instead of replying to everyone individually I am just writing a blog 🙂

I am doing so well…I am LOVING my life in Harrisburg!

About a week after my move I was hired to work in Acquisitions for Destiny Image Publishing and I love my job! We get to work with and publish amazing authors including Bill Johnson, Jordan Rubin, TD Jakes, Kris Vallotton, Jackie Kendall, and so many others…I love my job so much and am insanely blessed to work here with such fantastic people and have learned so much already about this business. I love being part of the team here and am grateful to be able to use my talents that aren’t musical! I am driving about 45 minutes each way to work so I am praying for a new, reliable car!

I moved here in February and was living with my new Pastors (MArk and Amy Calkins) and THAT was an awesome time. I loved living with their family! I am currently living right near downtown Harrisburg and have had an amazing time scouring the city for great book stores and coffee shops and have found some great ones! I am living with 3 other girls (2 that attend my church) and love our house. We have a beautiful 4 story house in the suburbs…it was like a gift from God! Our landlord has been awesome with working with us and installed new appliances and carpeting and painted the entire house and re-did the wrap around porch right before we moved in. I love, love, love our house and the girls I live with.

I am forming friendships…it has been hard being the new kid in such a big area…I am grateful for the beautiful friendships God is forming and the people I have been so blessed with in this season.

My lungs have been better since moving here. This last week was the first time I had any kind of breathing trouble since moving here and I am pretty sure it’s because of the crazy amount of pollen. I am still searching for a good specialist and Dr. in the area. However, I am still believing God is going to fully heal me!

I am really enjoying my life…the people in it…my job…adjusting to the crazy drivers and traffic around here has been rough but I think I have gotten the hang of it…however, I still have to take my GPS with me anytime I am leaving the house because I only have memorized how to get to work, home, the Calkins, and Midtown Scholar…

I am leading Worship full time for Face to Face Church…I love love this Church and the truly wonderful people/leaders in this Church…so much good character, honor and unconditional love with these people and I feel so safe here. Leading Worship has been a challenge because it is just me, a keyboard and my friend Matt on a jembe. It has been very stretching learning to lean more on God and improve my skills and not just be able to rely on numerous fantastic musicians like I had a Lighthouse.

This season of life is so opposite of the last season I walked through…the last 4 years were hard, heartbreaking, hopeless, stressful and depressing but God has brought me into a season of favor, blessing, enjoyment, hope, love, happiness and showing me how kind, faithful and good He truly is!

Anyways, so that’s my update for now!

Miss you guys back home ❤



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