You Can Have Peace in the Midst of Frustration and Stress

Life can be hard.

It can be frustrating and stressful.

It is so easy during these times to lose our heads, stress out, be rude and unkind to others, or freak out.  A year ago I was a person who did not handle stress or painful situations well…I was the person described above. However, God has brought me a long way and has done a lot of work in my heart teaching me about having peace during times when I want to freak out.

The week of Thanksgiving I had to put a couple hundred dollars into fixing my car. It was annoying but I wanted to get home for Thanksgiving so I did it. I was a bit stressed but I wasn’t anxious or freaking out. This morning my car won’t start and I have to drop more money…Was I frustrated? Heck yes I was. But through both of these frustrations I did not lose my peace. For those of you who know me well, me not losing it is a big deal! For years this kind of thing would turn me into a ball of stress, frustration, and worry. Not anymore!

Jesus and His disciples were on a boat during a storm and all the disciples are losing their minds and Jesus was all like, “Chill guys” and then tells the storm “Peace, be still” and it did. Jesus was not allowing the circumstances to throw Him into a panic and cause Him to lose it. Was it a stressful situation that probably would have justified a good flip out? Yep. But, Jesus spoke TO the storm…He did not let the storm define how he would react. Jesus had perfect peace through this time.

When you are frustrated or angry tell your frustration (storm) how it is going to be. Sometimes I find myself saying out loud, “I will not allow this situation to steal my peace and joy. So, ___________________ (situation) I say to you that God’s got this and you are NOT bigger than Jesus.” I feel silly sometimes when I say it out loud at work or in a public place (and usually look around to make sure people aren’t too close) but I have found that speaking God’s perspective over a situation helps immensely and keeps my focus on how big God is rather than how frustrated I am at the situation.

“Cast(ing) all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”- 1 Peter 5:7 

God CARES about you. He cares about your frustrations, hurting, anger…He cares so much that He says to cast ALL of your anxiety on Him…because HE CAN HANDLE IT! He’s got this. When you feel like you can’t take anymore…remember, you don’t have to! CAST YOUR cares onto Jesus…allow Him to lighten your burden.

 Speak positive words that speak who Jesus is during these times.

You can be frustrated and still be peaceful. Yep, you can. For me, being peaceful during frustrating days means continuing to stay connected to Christ and fully trusting that He has got this. This morning I was super annoyed about my car and the fact that I have to drop more money in to fixing it but I did not lose my peace. I am confident in God’s ability to handle this and His ability to help me figure this out without me flipping my shizzle. I simply told Jesus I trusted Him to work things out for me and He did! I just needed a new battery which is cheaper than a new starter (which is what I thought the problem was).

I have not perfected this, not by a long shot…I still lose it (ask my best friend) and sometimes blow it. But, I am learning. I am learning to speak God’s truth over a frustrating situation. I am learning to stay peaceful and joyful when I am frustrated.

I think that God understands when we blow it and freak out…He doesn’t love us any less or think any differently of us. But, I do believe Jesus showed us a beautiful example of speaking to our storms and using out authority (in Him) to tell a “storm” who our Father is and commanding peace over a super stressful situation. Next time you feel like you are about to lose it ask Jesus what He says about the situation and partner with Heaven’s perspective.

Your words have so much power…

use them wisely.


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