Every Person is a Gold Mine…

It is so easy to find faults. It is so easy to look at a person and see what is wrong with them. It takes more time to find good in a person because it requires you to really get to know who they are as an individual and not who you perceive them to be.

Kris Vallotton  has one of the best analogies…When you go mining you aren’t looking for dirt…it is easy to find and it is everywhere. You are looking for gold so you toss out the dirt and work around it to find the gold! It is the same when you are dealing with people. You speak into them looking for the gold! Anyone can find the dirt, anyone can speak to a person of their faults. It takes effort and willingness to find the gold in a person-especially when you see the person as full of mess and issues.

Choose to see “the gold” in people, choose to see the amazing, incredible things in them that God has put there. Every single person, no matter how screwed up you may see them, has beauty and purpose inside of them. Speak to that! Rather than reminding them of how much you think they need counseling or speaking of their issues-speak to the gold! Kind words go a LOT further than tearing someone down. Ask Jesus to show you how He sees people, to show you the gold in people!

Speak life, love, and encouragement!


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