2015- 10 Awesome Things

2015 has been a pretty great year! I came into it expecting it to be just like the last couple years but God had great plans for me this year. 2012-2014 were some of the hardest, saddest, and trying times of my entire life and I honestly had given up last Fall.

Then, I met Mark and Amy Calkins. While I was going through the darkest time in my life they saw some gold in me…when I felt hopeless, useless, and mentally/emotionally/spiritually exhausted they saw beauty. In October of last year they asked me to consider moving to Harrisburg to help them plant a church and lead worship. I was scared of such a big change, scared of having to start over, and scared of being in church leadership. Eventually I made the decision to move and felt full peace about it…I had a lot of people who didn’t think it was a good idea, tried to talk me out of it, and thought I was running.

However, I moved to Harrisburg. Despite all my fears, despite all the opinions of others, despite the fact that I didn’t have a job. I jumped.


10 reasons why 2015 is the best year so far:

  1. I moved to Harrisburg and am helping plant a new breed of “church” at Face to Face church. This church is like family and I am so blessed to be part of it.
  2. I get to do what I love-lead worship and see Jesus encounter people through music and song.
  3. I have a phenomenal job that I love. I work for Destiny Image Publishers and get to work with some great authors as well as a great team here in office (and some out of house).
  4. I got to go to Bethel in November for Leaders Advance. If there was ever a life changing moment for me it was that few days out there.
  5. I was able to help get a friend of mine’s book published (btw Amber Picota’s book comes out in July and you should order it)
  6. I have made some incredible new friendships.
  7. I have found hope, a new love for life, and a deeper walk with Jesus than ever before.
  8. My relationship with my best friend has survived a 3 hour distance-we were so worried that once I moved we would barely talk yet we are just as close now as when I lived a couple streets away.
  9. My lungs have been better this year (with the exception of catching pneumonia in November and having a cold since then)
  10. I made some powerful decisions this year that have allowed me to feel more peaceful-ones that would have terrified me a year ago

I am beyond grateful for Mark and Amy Calkins…I cannot even say that enough. They have been shining examples of love, honor, respect, and people I fully trust. They have accepted me into their family and always allow me to be me, even when I struggle. They are some of my favorite people in this life and I am so grateful God connected us and that we get to do life together.

2015 has been such a great year but my expectancy for 2016 is that it will be a year where I will see dreams come into view, more growth, new songs written, and deeper relationships with people and an increased intimacy with Christ.


Here’s to a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016!



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