Using “Scripts” for Increasing Visibility on Social Networks


I get a lot of authors calling me at work (and sometimes when I am at home) wondering how they can be more visible on their social media networks. This post is going to give one way you can increase visibility on your networks and hopefully see an increase in traffic to your website, blog, social media accounts, etc.

One way to really utilize Social Media is to use an app like Hootsuite to schedule your posts on Facebook and Twitter. Make “scripts” that you can pull from and copy and paste. This will help you be able to have a steady flow of content throughout the day and night! Don’t worry about re-posting too much on Twitter especially…when you have a lot of followers you should post your blogs every couple of hours so it gets seen by more people. Twitter refreshes the feed so quickly about 25% of your followers (if that) will actually see your post unless it is posted numerous times. You want to steer clear of being “spammy” by posting the exact same tweet over and over again.

Because of world time zones when you post a blog post in the morning someone on the other side of the world may miss it because they are sleeping…however, if you schedule another post for when you will be sleeping, someone on the other side of the world will see it in their feed.

Scripts can really be a huge help for this.

What is a script?

A script is basically a huge master list of links that are formed into posts. My personal recommendation would be to have about 5 different posts for each blog. I organize mine by link and then create numerous posts out of it. I also will schedule other things like quotes, photos, etc to post throughout the day and night while I am away. This keeps my accounts active and increases my visibility online.

Tweets for promoting my website:

  1. Please check out my latest blog for posts on different topics such as worship, Christian life, tips for authors and writers, and more!
    2. In case you missed it I posted a great blog on “_____________” yesterday and you can check it
    3. If you need a daily dose of encouragement check out my blog at

Scripts and scheduling posts are a great way to keep content flowing and give your posts more visibility. When you post a new blog add it into your master list and create 2-5 different posts out of it.
Hootsuite allows you to create scheduled posts so you can have content flowing all day and night with bogging down your accounts by mass posting at one time. The bonus of scheduling is that your posts will automatically publish content to your social networks when you are sleeping, working, picking up your kids, making dinner, running errands, etc

I also recommend using hashtags (#) on Twitter. Hashtags are used as a categorizer of tweets. If your post is about marketing tips use #marketingtips or #marketing so that your post will show up in those feeds. Using relevant hashtags will also increase visibility on Twitter.

So, there is my tip for the week! Scripts can be very helpful, especially if you are promoting a book, a website, a blog, or your ministry.


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