Dear Women,

“Women, we sort of rock don’t we?”-Megan Smith

Tracie Michelle roxanne kari

Every woman is different.

Our stories are unique.

There is so much beauty in our diversity.

Kelly KrissyThe women in these photos are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, artists, speakers, pastors, leaders, writers, authors, wives,
musicians, creatives, free spirits, truth seekers, healthy eaters, athletic, brave, strong, joyful…I encourage you to read each photo and see the value in how wonderfully diverse we all are!

Our differences are what make us so great! Our differences allow us to interact with women of various races, interests, religious backgrounds, cultures, home lives, marital status, careers, skills, and hobbies. If we were all alike that would get pretty boring pretty quick.

God has placed inside of each of us characteristics, traits, likes and dislikes that make us who we are. One thing we all have in common is that we are ALL made in the image and likeness of God. We are all created with callings and talents that were given to us by the Father and since God is so massive He
gave us each parts of Himself that we get to use to show His nature and character to others.Chandra Jenny

Our differences make things more fun! It would get old only being around people just like you! The women who are featured here are all from different walks in life, different places, states, church denominations, have different interests, and are wonderfully unique. I have learned something from every single one of them. They are all women I admire and think highly of.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

I have a heart to see women celebrate and value the differences in each other,  to see women learning from and growing from each other’s experiences. I live to see women empowering each other, supporting and loving each other regardless of differences and without comparing.

Sierra AmyWe are women in the world of Instagram…we post the highlights…good hair days, moments when our kids are being adorable, on point eye makeup, clean homes, etc. Instagram allows us to filter our lives and put out the perfect moments. We look at these photos of our friends and people we admire and think, “Wow, they have it so together” or “I wish my life was more like that” or “Look at her muscles, how does she find time to work out with 4 kids”, etc.

What if we posted messy houses, makeup-less selfies, photos after the kids drags flour all over the living room, moments of emotionally eating our feelings, the photo your husband took where you felt like you looked fat? We would probably be horrified!Amanda Chelsea

Your life is more than a series of snapshots of good times, more than a clean house and happy kids, more than a good day at work, more than your accomplishments.

Be free to be you, all the time…in the messes, the good, the fun, the sad, the hard, the silly, the serious.

Every single woman has a different story. Every woman in these photos has been through some stuff, some may have had miscarriages, some may have been sexually abused, some may have been addicts, some may have had children out of wedlock,
Isabelle Tracysome may be liberal, some may be conservative, some have experiences the loss of a child. Every single one of these women have experienced something in their lives that we could learn from.There is something amazing about sitting down over coffee and hearing another woman’s story. I have found some of my favorite times have been listening to other women talk about their journey, their loss, their
joys, their families. Sharing your story with other women is important because you may have been through something or experienced something that another woman will find useful to her. We all want to know we’re not alone. We all want to know we’re not the only one going through stuff. It is so important to listen, love, and encourage each other. Take the time to get to really know the women in your life.Barb Christina

As a woman your journey is unique. It will look different from mine.

It is not our job to judge or look down on another woman because we do not understand their life. It is not our job to talk about other women behind their backs, or use “prayer” as a way to gossip about another woman’s life.

What you are going through or dealing with is important. Your reality is important.  I have heard it said “just because something feels a certain way doesn’t mean it is that way”. Try telling that to a woman who feels hopeless after the breakup from hell. Try telling that to an exhausted mom who has Corina Nickibarely slept in a week and feels like a failure as a parent. Try telling that to the severely overweight woman who feels disgusting next to her healthy, fit friends. Try telling that to the woman who feels worthless and is stuck in an abusive marriage. It is not my job to tell another woman how she should feel. It IS my job to encourage another woman and listen and love her. It is not my place to try and “one up” another woman.

I recently was with some friends who are moms and, at the time, I was having serious issues sleeping, because of the lung disease I have keeping me up all hours of the night, ( for about a month straight) feeling like I could barely breathe. I was so tired and run down.
My friend hugged me and asked me how I was doing…I answered my friend that I was super tired.Amber Kristy One of her friends laughed and said, “I’ve been up with my toddler every day for the past 3 years at 5am. You have no idea what tired is.” I felt completely invalidated, shut down, and embarrassed.

Women were not created to be in a battle with each other, we are not each other’s competition.

Women want to feel heard, validated, and acknowledged by other women. We don’t need another woman shutting us down or competing with us for “who is more tired” or “who is busier” or “who has been through more in their life”, etc.  We are all in different places in our lives, experiencing different things and you do not know what another woman is going through.

Be a good listener! Sometimes life gets to be a lot and we just need another woman to listen! If a woman from a different walk of life comes to you to talk, listen! Don’t offer your Constance Gabrielleadvice unless it is asked for. Just be a good listener and encourage the other. There is so much power in encouragement and in our words

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.-
Galatians 6:2

Lisa Brittany

Be considerate and aware of other women. Not every woman is a mom, or wife, or single, or career oriented, or super political, or liberal, or conservative, or (gasp) a Christian. My best friend Sierra (yes, we have the same first and middle name!) is a leader for her local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I love hearing her talk
about their group. It is full of women from various backgrounds, incomes, lifestyles, religions, personalities, etc and she tells me how the things she hears as feedback is how safe women feel, how loved and encouraged they feel,
and how supported and valued they feel. That is amazing to me!   It is a wonderful model of how women should be all the time, in every setting. Be willing to meet each other where the other is…love each other unconditionally and create a safe place for other women to come, be themselves, and feel supported and valued.Melissa Joanie

Auburn AnnaYou are more than what you do and the various hats you wear.

Social Media is a wonderful way to support your sisters! Comment on selfies, tell them
how beautiful they are, post encouraging and empowering things on their Facebook walls, encourage women when they post workout photos, big moments in their lives, etc.

Encourage the woman who is drained from being up all night with her baby, the woman who is working 3 jobs, Anni Paige the woman who is working hard toward new goals, the woman who is different from you, the woman you may not understand or agree with…we all have value and we all have amazing things in our lives!

We are allRaychelle Jazzmine created to change the world, leave an impact in our circles, and love and respect each other-regardless of our differences.

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than    yourselves. Let                                                                                         each of you look                                               not only to his own interests,but also to the interests of other.                                                                                                         – Philippians 2:3-4

You are fearless. You were created with a purpose. You are important.



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