Cleaning out your Social Media Accounts

I am a big fan of keeping my social media accounts cleaned up. This means I am unfollowing inactive users, unfollowing people I followed years and years before but have no need to follow anymore, unfriending people that are there to just troll on my accounts, spam accounts, and users who never followed me back or have unfollowed me at some point for whatever reason, etc.

Crowdfire is a life saver! I use it about every 2 weeks. It will show me all of the information I need to clean out my Twitter and Instagram accounts and allows me (for free) to unfollow up to 100 people per day. My Twitter account gets cleaned out about every 2 weeks and my Instagram about once a month.

Cleaning out your social media accounts is a good way to keep track of the people you want to see in your feed and eliminate the “noise” and advertisements from spam accounts you may have accidentally followed, people you followed just to build your account and weren’t really paying attention (guilty), and users who aren’t following you back anymore.


Here is the direct link:


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