Why I am a Christian Feminist and Honor and Respect Men


Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Egalitarianism: of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Equality: the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

Equity: the quality of being fair and impartial.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on feminism and egalitarianism. The more I learn the further I lean toward both of these ideas and I am pretty nervous to post a blog (my first) about this subject. 

created to change the world.jpgAs women we are working toward equality but I think we sometimes forget (in our passion and longing for change) that that doesn’t mean dominating or trumping men or thinking less of our husbands or men in general. About a month or so ago I started posting about my beliefs in feminism and egalitarianism…Within a week of me starting to post on Facebook and Twitter about my belief in equality of men and women in marriage and church, I started to see an increase in other peoples status’ about honoring and respecting their husbands and their place as the head of the marriage, and women not being allowed to be pastors or over a man in any way. Obviously this is a touchy subject and one many women misunderstand. Feminism and Egalitarianism is not about disrespecting or belittling husbands or men in their roles in marriage or the Kingdom. Not even a little.

However, in my studies I have come across a lot of blogs of women calling for equality, yet, spend half of the blog belittling and talking down on men. I have seen women, in the name of feminism, walk all over men to make a point. I have seen women standing for equality and equity, in marriage and church, demean and disrespect men. This makes my heart sad. That is not true feminism, nor is it pleasing to God’s heart.


This blog is not to yell at women, not at all, but to remind women of the importance of respecting, loving, and treating men as equals just as we want them to treat us. The loudest voice in the room is rarely the most respected, normally the most obnoxious. In our fight for equality we must remember to be honoring and kind, we must remember to treat men the way we want to be treated. If we are going to fight for gender equality then we have to treat men as our equals, not something to dominate or overpower. I believe Jesus would want us, as women, to honor and respect His sons just as He wants His sons to respect and honor His daughters. I think a lot of women don’t even know how bitter their words sound, or how angry their comments come across on Facebook. Why would men want to join a “movement” fighting to bring women  equality if they don’t feel honored and respected by women? If women are spouting off in anger and bitterness we will have a very hard time getting men on board with us.  Feminism has such negative connotations associated with it and it is our job to destroy those negatives that a handful of angry women have imposed on the rest of us. 

I see a huge shift happening in feminism and I see some incredible, Christian women on the frontlines. I see some strong and brave voices emerging from the woman camp, women who speak truth with honor and love, women teaching on feminism from a Godly perspective. Women who teach on feminism but don’t tear down men in their posts, rather talk about their importance to the cause.

I have a heart to see the feminist movement headed up by Christian women. I want to see these negative words associated with feminism erased: angry, men haters, and disrespectful. Let’s work together to bring feminism back to what it is supposed to be and speak out for equality!

I know some of you reading this may be offended or put off by the ideas of Christians being feminists and egalitarians so here are some of my favorite resources that will help you understand why Christians CAN be a Christian and a Feminist/Egalitarian and why I am both.






created to change the world.jpg


4 thoughts on “Why I am a Christian Feminist and Honor and Respect Men

  1. So many of my churches honored and respected men, they did this by seeing to it that only men may lead, officiate, and participate in worship – though women could sing in the choir, or play the piano, that was the extent of what women were visibly allowed to do, what was left to them was to watch children or clean something or cook something – tasks which the men didn’t want to do. In order to honor and respect women, men might have to feel as if they’re being dishonored and disrespected because tasks that were men only would be opened up for both men and women. I really think that as it stands, it’s not possible to make things more equal for women without making men feel a loss of power or privilege which they might interpret as dishonor or disrespect.


  2. I have to agree with Jamie. So many men see egalitarianism as a threat, as “taking” something away from them, when what it is really doing is ADDING to the Kingdom of Christ. We are doubling the amount of teachers, doubling the amount of scholarship, doubling the number of people we can reach. Certain types of men see egalitarianism as a way of losing the worker bee status women have labored under for centuries, and who will serve *them* while the women are serving Christ instead?


  3. So much yes to this post. Why, in church, is it that honor and respect are seen as a zero sum game based on gender lines? I agree that both women AND men can and should be truly honored and respected. And we can advocate for changes regarding the disempowerment of women while still honoring men.


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