Processing the Injustice

Today I have been unable to process my thoughts without getting emotional. So much hate. So much death. So much misunderstanding. So much injustice. So much pride.

I have seen way too many people say things like,

“I have black friends and no one treats them any different than they do me. Racism is some hyped up issue the news has created.”

“Women are being treated as equal to men. I don’t know any women who aren’t making as much money as a man, or are treated badly by their husband, or not allowed to teach at their church. I also don’t see any women being prostituted by men. They chose that life.”

“Well, I have gay friends and I don’t ever see them being treated badly by anybody, much less Christians.”

Wake up. Just because you don’t see it or it isn’t happening in your perfect circle of the world doesn’t mean racism, gender inequality, homophobia, or whatever else isn’t real and happening. I don’t personally see (hardly any) racism in my life because 85% of my family and friends are white. I don’t see gender inequality very often in my own life because I go to a church and have friends that believe in equal opportunities for men and women in church, marriage, and society. I also don’t know anyone personally who is gay and being targeted by a religion and being hated.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

This week 2 black men were murdered by police for no reason other than they were black, these are only the ones that made the news…who knows how many more there are. This week women all over the world are being treated as sex slaves, as subservient to men, not being allowed to preach in churches, being stuck in unhappy marriages to men who treat them like servants. In the last month, 50 gay men and women were killed in a religious hate crime. An unconscious woman was raped by a white male and the dude walked away with a 3 month prison sentence. Hatred, bigotry, racism, gender inequality, homophobia, abuse of women, white privilege, and hatred of Christians and Muslims is real and none of it is okay. Saying these things are not a big deal or made up because you don’t see them in your small part of the world, is not okay. Jesus did not and does not close His eyes to the injustices of the world.

Today my heart aches. It grieves. I feel all the things today. My heart goes out to the black community and longs for the day when we will all truly be considered equal by everyone. My heart is saddened for the gay community who feel terrified because of what happened in Orlando. My heart grieves for the women who are being abused, mistreated, and/or pushed down by men, even men with good intentions. My heart aches for the religious people who keep getting silenced and called hateful things for believing what they believe and mocked for believing in someone they cannot see.

This world needs more love. This world needs us to come together and take care of each other regardless of race, gender, or social status. We should be mourning with those who mourn. Rejoicing with those who rejoice.

So, today I mourn with the multitudes. I ache for the injustice.


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