Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done by Charlie Olivia Grantham

Today’s blog is a guest post by one of my favorite bloggers. Charlie’s blogs inspire, challenge, and teach me. I hope you will be challenged as you read this post!

Ministry is not about us nor our gender, but rather about God and His grace. Our eyes can be so easily swayed from this when “big name” preachers and writers preach “biblical gender roles” and male headship, but there is nothing biblical about gender roles. Sure, there are some obvious differences between men and women (I don’t know any men that can carry and give birth to a human being), but these differences are mostly biological, and have no effect on who can or can’t make good decisions.

But the thing is, God doesn’t play games. He doesn’t trust one gender to pastor and lead more than the other. I mean come on, does He really even leave it up to us mere humans to begin with? Even in the moments where we seem to really have our stuff together, we’re just stumbling around in the dark compared to Him.

So what’s our deal? Why is gender such a big deal to so many people when it comes to preaching?

I think our biggest problem as humans is that we make everything about us. Does God really care about our gender if we’re preaching His word? No. But do we? Clearly. Throughout the course of history, it’s obvious that where people (yes, including Christians) can add more rules, they will.

Preaching isn’t about the preacher. Pastoring is not about the pastor. When it becomes more about the preacher than the One whom the sermon about, we have a problem. In Heaven, there is no bias, there is no limitation based on gender, and there is no hierarchy.

So when we pray for the Kingdom to come to Earth, whose kingdom are we asking for? A man-made kingdom built on pride and power? A kingdom that focuses on gender rather than the Gospel? You see, when you prohibit women from preaching and leading, you make the Gospel about gender rather than grace. You use the Gospel to achieve your mission rather than focusing on the Great Commission. You make the Gospel about yourself rather than Jesus.

And yet, there are so many churches across the United States that hold tightly to the traditional doctrine that women are unfit to lead. According to the Hartford Institute of Religious Research, women make up only 10 percent of senior pastors in the United States.  Along with that, male senior pastors are paid 27 percent more than female pastors. It’s not all about money, but that percentage says a lot about how valued women are compared to men.

We will truly begin to see Heaven on Earth when people no longer try to contain the power of God in man-made boxes, when the Spirit is no longer told where to go or who to speak through. When and women alike make disciples of all nations, and preach the love and salvation of Christ to the ends of the earth. 

That is the Kingdom come. When God is glorified without the restraints of human rules and systems. When men and women join side by side rather than one behind the other. Won’t you join with me in praying for this Kingdom to come?

dsc_0082Charlie Olivia Grantham is a twenty year old college student from New Orleans, LA. She studies Sociology and Media Production, and hopes to work in the film industry one day. She enjoys blogging, yoga, and spending time with her husband and their pups! You can find her blog at and follow her on Twitter @charlieeolivia and Facebook by clicking here @CharlieOlivia.


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