What Makes a “Kingdom Woman”?

Guest Blog by a woman I greatly admire, Ashley Easter. 

What Is a Kingdom woman?

there-is-no-one-size-fits-all-calling-or-mission-for-girls-and-women-neither-are-there-gendered-restrictions-given-in-the-bible-that-keep-women-from-using-their-god-given-gifts-in-the-world-at-theirIs she the stay-at-home, homeschooling mom serving her family with domesticated excellence?

Is she the nine to five, working mother who faithfully provides for her family?

Is she the single mom creating a stable home for her children after a turbulent divorce?

Is she the young, single woman serving in the children’s ministry, praying for a mate?

Is she the middle-aged, single woman with a fulfilling career and an eye on advancement so she can give more to those in need?

Is she the woman from India working at FreeSet making bags to provide for herself and her family?

Is she the woman from Kenya, freed from patriarchal oppression and advocating for equality for the girls in her society alongside the Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education?

Is she the woman working three jobs just to rise above the poverty line so her children have a better life?

Is she the woman traveling and preaching a message of good news she cannot help but spread?

Is she the pastor’s wife who plays piano and leads the children’s choir?

Is she the teacher, impacting young men and women with knowledge that leads to opportunity?

Is she the police officer putting herself in danger to keep us all safe?

Is she the entrepreneur with a life changing idea worth sharing and job opportunities that need creating?

Or Is she the sexual assault responder offering support to those who have had their innocence taken?

It turns out, all of the descriptions above are that of Kingdom women.  For we are all Kingdom women, if we are in Christ.

When we look at the Bible we do not see a one dimensional view of Kingdom womanhood, instead we see a plethora of varied descriptions of woman used by God. We see female judges, prophets, church planters, deacons, apostles, war heroines, genocide stoppers, mothers, bible teachers, evangelists, business owners and espionage concealers.  

There is no one-size-fits-all calling or mission for girls and women. Neither are there gendered restrictions given in the Bible that keep women from using their God-given gifts in the world at their fullest capacity. We need all of us, men and women, educated and living out our varied callings, unhindered because this is what advances our society (1) and this is what advances the Gospel (2).

-Ashley Easter


Notes and Sources:

  1. According to United Nations when women are educated and allowed to participate in the workforce, economies and countries grow rapidly.

(2) Todd Rosenwald from His Feet International reports that the booming house church movement in China is made up of 75% female leaders.


ashley-041About Ashley:

Ashley is an extroverted, quirky-minded, Jesus-enthused, budding world changer, a recovering people pleaser, and a self-proclaimed dyslexic. She is passionate about loving Jesus and about partnering with her husband in bringing the flavor of His kingdom to the world by advocating for gender equality, educating the Church on abuse, and promoting truth-seeking expeditions.

Christian Feminist and Ex-Stay-At-Home Daughter

Writer / Speaker / Abuse Victim Advocate

Founder of The Courage Conference


Twitter: @ashleymeaster



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