Fairness and Equality – Why I Advocate for Women

Just some thoughts for everyone saying that women and men are completely equal and treated fairly:
Was it fair when Brock Turner raped a girl and was given three months in jail because the judge didn’t want to ruin his future in swimming?

Was it fair when a girl from my hometown was attacked and raped while she was out running?

Was it fair when I was sexually abused by a male for years?

Was it fair that my birth father beat the crap out of my birth mother?

Is it fair when a girl is raped she is grilled by judges, “what were you wearing” and “how much alcohol had you drank”?

Was it fair when my friend was raped by a boyfriend who used his strength to overpower her?

Was it fair when I was told that all Hispanic women are good for are “making babies and cleaning houses”?

Is it fair when a woman gets angry she is asked, “are you on your period” but if a man gets angry no one questions his anger. And, we are tired of menstruation being used as a reason women can’t do things.

Was it fair that I was not allowed to teach a group that included men because I’m a woman?

Is it fair that 1 of every 5 women is raped?

Is it fair that 80% all abuse, assault, and rape cases in the US were to women?

Is it fair that men prey on girls from homes with abusive fathers and manipulate them into prostitution and trafficked them to men who beat, rape, and use them?

Is it fair that most women would never feel safe or comfortable in a room filled with mostly men?

Is it fair that the easiest way to insult a man is by calling him a girl? (“you run like a girl” “stop being such a girl”, etc)

Is it fair that most women experience objectification by men and many women say it happens to them regularly?

Is it fair that women have to carry rape whistles and mace?

Is it fair that women can’t walk home at night alone and if we do we have to keep a girlfriend on the phone with us the whole time in case something happens?

Is it fair that the wealthiest industry in our country is the sex/porn industry? Guess who is buying? 2/3 are men.

Where’s all the outrage when it comes to #injustice against women? I saw more outrage for justice when a gorilla was shot- @iSierraNichole -Click to Tweet

Also, it’s concerning to me that women only make up 19.6% of Congress, 20% of the Senate, & 19.5% of the House.

Many churches still teach that women need a husband or a male “covering” to lead a church, preach, or do what God’s called us to do – simply because we are female.

A phrase I hear often, “For a girl you’re _______”. Yes, that is sexist, even if it is well-intentioned.

I advocate because I want a safer, brighter, and happier future for the next generation of women. Via @iSierraNichole. -Click to Tweet

The women who fought before me gave me the right to vote, to own property, to not have to need a man to exist. I will continue what these brave women started by advocating, speaking out and shining light on the areas that are still dark.  I want my daughters to be able to walk across a college campus without being terrified. I want my daughters to pastor churches. I want my daughters to feel safe in a room full of men. I want my daughters to not have to experience abuse. I believe God wants the best for his girls. Yes, women in other countries have it way worse but that doesn’t mean women in America should just sit down and be grateful for what we do have, even if it isn’t God’s best. It even sounds stupid when I am typing it. Comparing is just not good. Yes, compared to women in Iraq, American women are privileged. But, this is not Iraq, this is America. Compared to American men, American women are not privileged. I cannot fight for injustice happening in Iran but I can speak out and advocate for the women in my country. Because women in other countries “have it worse” we shouldn’t want equality in our own country? Yeah, that sounded stupid as I typed it. 

Society still thinks a woman’s “place” is in the home taking care of a husband and kids. I advocate to help create a world where women have the choice to stay home or have a full time job – or to choose whatever she wants to do with her life. We should be fighting for equality. I believe women and men have the same rights legally. But, women do not have the same human rights as men. Get out of into the world and your eyes will be opened to the turmoil, abuse, pain, and shame women face at the hands of fathers, brothers, uncle’s, pastors etc IN THE UNITED STATES. Also, just because we technically have legal rights doesn’t mean we are necessarily equally accepted/included in our  – dominantly male run – country.

I believe God’s best is for all of us to truly treat each other as brothers, sisters…equals. No race, gender, or social class is better or worse than anyone. We are ALL loved by our Creator – equally.


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