About Me

Hi, I’m Sierra.

“About Me” sections are always awkward to write about yourself, but I will give it my best shot and hope you make it to the end. In February 2015 I moved to Harrisburg, PA to help plant a church called Face to Face Church. I lead worship and keep our social networks active.

I love Jesus. A lot. My life would feel empty without Him. I enjoy learning more and more about His nature and character. I love exploring the depths of the Word and discussing revelations (not Revelation lol) with people.

I am passionate about people. I have a desire to see people encountered and changed by the love, presence, and power of God. I feel like I get to experience different sides of God’s nature when I talk to people, whether it is through their creativity, their knowledge, their humor, or the way they love others. I enjoy connecting with people and hearing people’s stories.

I am passionate about worship. I am in my happiest place when I am leading people into the presence of God through music and song. I love singing prophetically over people, regions, and cities and believe in the power of Heavenly songs to break strongholds.

I am passionate about gender equality. I believe men and women are created equal, but different. I am passionate about helping women find and understand their rightful place in the Kingdom, marriage, and society. I am passionate about speaking value and worth into women’s lives and into their identity.

I am passionate about speaking out against injustice, abuse, and patriarchy.

I also really enjoy helping people understand how to use social media for marketing and advertising. I work with a lot of authors to help build their WordPress sites, and build their followings on social media.

Thank you for coming and being a part of my little piece of the interwebs. ❤