Some of my favorite bloggers:

Marg Mowczko is a scholar who blogs on gender equality in the church. Marg takes readers into the original languages of the Bible and helps us understand God’s plan for women.

Ashley Easter is an advocate that speaks out regularly about and for victims of all kinds of abuse. Her website is a must-read for victims and friends of victims.

Sarah Bessey writes about the intersections of a spirit-filled life: About her own faith and spirituality, about what love looks like for us, the sacredness of an ordinary life after an exhausting evangelical hero complex, mothering, ecclesiology, theology, women’s issues, social justice, her own struggling journey, politics, and, well, pretty much everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.

Christa Black Gifford releases content that spans the globe, providing resources for those broken by the traumas of life, teaching practical steps towards inner healing and giving support and encouragement for the journey. Her most popular works are her two books. The first, entitled God Loves Ugly (and the correlating study guide), were written specifically for those who can’t seem to see past their past, struggling with self-hatred, insecurity, and the destructive behaviors that come with it.

Moriah Averick – in her own words: this blog is my heart in words, and the most sacred safe space I know how to create. we talk about soul care, deconstructing from old & toxic theology, and living whole & flourishing lives. I hope you’ll find that you truly belong in our sisterhood! and perhaps you’ll even join me on this heartbreakingly beautiful journey of deconstruction & becoming who we already are.

Stephanie Long is a powerful voice for women. You may not have heard of her before today, but now that you have – you should go follow her on social media and on her blog. Stephanie doesn’t hold back, doesn’t say around issues, and writes about hard subjects concerning women. She has been an inspiration to me for a while now and I learn a lot in discussions with her about everything from abuse and complementarianism to women in the Bible. She challenges me to think outside of my own ideas and question things I had always assumed were just “right” and to see if they actually are right. She is a powerhouse voice with a lot to say and worthy of being listened to.

Jory Micah is a blogger and leader with a mission is to help women shake off the chains of limitation and the shackles of oppression that the Christian Church has wrapped around them in the name of incorrect biblical interpretation and stale religion.

We Are Ezer/Bailey Stegar wants Christian women to know they are persons with unique callings and stories, that they share more in common with men as humans than they do differences as male and female, and that their femininity reflects God’s nature too. Bailey has a powerful blog and writes on many subjects including egalitarianism, relationships, equality in the church, and more!